About me

I am Emma Alexia Triphora, a mildly queer humanoid born and raised in the great state of Delaware. A pretentious description of myself involves the designations of "polymath", "wordsmith", and "philhellene"; a less pretentious description involves "nitpicker", "stoic", and "oversleeper".

If you know me, it's probably from my work in the Minecraft modding community. I previously worked at Modrinth for nearly three years, but I am currently choosing to focus more on school.

When it comes to the non-digital world, I am a student and an avid anti-car advocate. A combination of the local bus system and my bike get me everywhere I need to go. My main interests lay in geography, philosophy, technology, and the interplay between the three.

My friends describe me as a very bluntly opinionated individual, and I can't say I disagree. If I have an opinion on something, you are unlikely to be able to change it. I don't align with any specific political parties, but I would most closely describe myself as a democratic socialist.

Fun facts

  • I learned the Java, Rust, and Groovy programming languages for the express purpose of Minecraft modding.

  • If you've ever played a modded Minecraft instance on 1.19 or above, whether it be Forge, Fabric, or Quilt, you have run a bit of code written by me.

  • I have a very distinct writing style that especially shines in opinion writing. My word choice is always rather deliberate besides informal contexts.

  • Μιλάω ελληνικά, αλλά αγγλικά είναι η μητρική μου γλώσσα.

  • My Wikipedia user page has miscellaneous other tidbits about me; some important, others less so.

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